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Book Seascape Experience

The Seascape Experience    $330                           3 hours

Take in all the elements of the sea's healing abilities. Start your experience with a full body polish of magnesium-rich sea salt, buffing away dry, dull skin and reviving depleted muscles. Then relax in our coveted infrared sauna which will gently warm and loosen tension and transition your mind into deep relaxation. Move into your customized 60 minute signature massage, tailored for just the right pressure of your choice and infused with essential oils of Ocean Dew products to detoxify and fortify the body, and replace and replenish vital minerals and nutrients. Toning and stimulating essential oils of rosemary, juniper and thyme support detoxification by increasing circulation, moving lymph and strengthening vascular tissue. Lemon oil supports healthy immune function, while extracts of marine algae and magnesium salts replenish vital minerals. Restore energy in full body LED light therapy while you inhale negative ions from our himalayan pink salt and ocean dew aromatherapy. Finish this full body experience with an Amara Radiance custom facial to restore vitality and leave your face with an ocean-dewy glow.

Book Elemental Rejuvenation Experience 

Elemental Rejuvenation Experience    $415                           3 hours 45 mins

This package has been curated with a Ayurvedic healing approach. Start with a full body dry brush and wake up your lymphatic system and smooth out the skins surface. Then transition to a poultice elixir massage which uses fragrant, nutrient rich herbs and spices such as tamarin leaves, turmeric, ginger, and lemongrass in linen and steam heated to provide relaxation to skin and muscles while loosening energy blockages and stimulating blood circulation by working with the body's natural energy. Bask in our Himalayan salt infrared sauna for half an hour before concluding your spa day with our Natures Elements facial which uses the 4 elements of nature: water, earth, air, and fire. Some additions are a relaxing essential oil infused steam , clay mask and use of gua sha, hot-oil scalp treatment and a foot mask. This package is the ultimate spa day for the individual that just needs to hit the reset button and approach life renewed.

Book Forest Air Experience

Forest Air Experience    $370                                  3 1/2 hours

Our Forest Air Experience is inspired by the Japanese tradition of Shinrin-Yoku (literally Forest Air Bathing) which encourages spending time in forests for the health benefits that brings. Begin this ritual with a full body dry brushing which will stimulate your lymphatic and circulatory systems and allows your pores to open and breathe. Feel the warmth of our coveted infrared sauna which will gently melt away stored stress. Work out any remaining aches and knots with our bamboo massage. The bamboo works as an extension of the therapist’s hands, covering a greater area at once and allowing for a more tranquil experience while alleviating your most troubled and tensioned areas. This is infused with a  luxurious blend of native forest oils, calming Frankincense and Sandalwood, Bergamot and Sweet Orange. Bring awareness back in our full body LED light which mimics only the good benefits of sunlight without harmful UV rays.This ritual is concluded with an Oxygen O2 facial giving your face the greatest amounts of hydration, leaving you plumped with a healthy and youthful glow.

Book The Rejuvenation Package

The Rejuvenation Package    $230                  1 hour 45 mins

When you are in need of full repair. Start with a 60 minute customized massage infused with  aromatherapy to fit your mind and body's needs and finish with our signature Amara Radiance custom facial.

Book The Rejuvenation Ritual

The Rejuvenation Ritual  $260 (individual) or $490 (couple)    2 hour 15 mins

An extended take on The Rejuvenation Package above that includes a half hour in our serene Infrared Sauna. Sauna together if you decide to book the couples Rejuvenation Ritual.

Book Couples Retreat

Couples Retreat    $375 per couple                  2 hours

Perfect for stay-cations, honeymoons or girls day. Start with a 30 minute infrared sauna session together and enjoy your two 90 minute massages in separate rooms only to finish your spa day together enjoying a cup of tea in our garden.

Book The Gentleman's Getaway

The Gentleman's Getaway      $265             2 hours

Men need pampering too! The Gentleman's Getaway Package is the ultimate combination for the guy who needs a break. This package includes: 90 Minute Stress Relief Massage, a magnesium-infused foot scrub and a 30 Minute Gentleman's Express Facial

Book Baby Moon Spa Escape

Baby Moon Spa Escape    $505          3 hours  

Perfect pampering for every mommy-to-be! This maternity experience starts with negative ion salt inhalation and a full body dry brushing to exfoliate dry skin, increase circulation and aid in lymphatic drainage. Then the expectant mom will move into a 60 minute prenatal massage which incorporates the use of warm Himalayan salt stones, while side-lined and special attention is given around the hips and lower back. A chocolate cocoa butter is used to nourish and protect moms' delicate and stretching skin. A 30 minute foot treatment will focus on her tired achy feet while a 30 minute neck, shoulder and hot oil scalp treatment will relax and soothe her mind and soul. This experience is made complete with a specially designed pregnancy facial, with nutrient-rich botanical extracts.

      Express Sauna & Spa Packages

Book Body Rescue

Body Rescue    $110    (used to be $140!)      1 hour 

Sometimes you need a rescue from yourself. Indulge in a half hour full body scrub. Then finish off the service with another half hour in our infrared sauna. Bring a little of Amara by the Sea with you with our travel Aloe moisturizer.

Book Thermal Body Toner

Thermal Body Toner   $110                           1 hour

Perfect for seasonal detoxifying and toning your body. An active, therapeutic-grade hot cream of cayenne, black pepper and menthol  is applied to targeted areas and massaged with a fascia roller. Afterwards you can melt away the the toxins in our infrared sauna and experience the change in temperature between the cream and the sauna.​​

Book Head Restoration

Head Restoration                   $110                    1 hour

Let warm basalt stones melt away knots and tension in your neck and shoulders while hot oil of peppermint, kukui and coconut drench your scalp as the nourishing oil is massaged in. This is the ultimate induction into deep relaxation. Allow it all to soak in while our infrared sauna for half an hour.

Book Herbal Remedy

Herbal Remedy                        $110                   1 hour

Start the session off right with our CBD gummy selection (sleep, calm, and recovery). Afterwards make your way to our inviting infrared sauna. Then move into a neck, shoulder and back massage starting with a dry brushing and a CBD infused massage oil.

Book Face Restore

Face Restore                            $110                   1 hour

Start the service in our popular infrared sauna to open up the pores and soften the skin. While the blood flow is increased from the sauna, you will then move into receiving your express facial, a gentle and effective facial for those on the go.