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Magnesium Salt Scrub     $85     30 Min

Begin your massage with an invigorating body scrub made from magnesium rich algae salt with your choice of organic and wild-crafted essential oils.

Moon Stone Scalp, Shoulder & Neck Massage  $85  30 Min

Let warm basalt stones melt away knots and tension in your neck and shoulders while hot oil of kukui and coconut drench your scalp as the nourishing oil is massaged in. This is the ultimate induction into deep relaxation

Walking on Clouds Foot Treatment    $85     30 Min

Pamper your feet with this treatment and leave with your feet feeling brand new. A warmingfoot polish and moisturizing organic foot mask pairs with foot reflexology and massage to leave you walking on clouds.

Ocean Dew Salt Glow     $180       1 Hour

This begins with an exfoliating, creamy salt scrub infused with spirulina and magnesium leaving your skin soft and glowing. Scented with essential oils of organic rosemary, pink grapefruit, and thyme, it has a refreshing and detoxifying effect, while magnesium relieves stress and muscle tension. Benefits of magnesium may include relief of muscle tension, increased energy and reduction of tension-related stress.

Deep Sea Ritual       $275        1 Hour  30 Min

Begin with a full body exfoliation from our marine algae salt scrub then move seamlessly into apurifying body mask, soothing tight muscles and joints while toxins are drawn from deep within. This treatment helps the body detoxify and fully re-oxygenate, leaving the surface of the body as beautifully transformed as the inside.

Thermal Body Detox      $275     1 Hour  30 Min

This detoxifying body wrap naturally eliminates toxins and excess water in your body's tissue whilst sending your mind into a state of pure bliss. Starting with a dry brush to increase the surface circulation, we then use gentle fascia rollers massaged all over the body, one area at a time. This is said to loosen up the fascia which plays a role in cellulite, the orange peel–like, dimpled skin texture that most often appears on the thighs, hips, and buttocks. After a thermogenic mask of all organic aloe, black pepper, cinnamon and spearmint is applied to help dissolve localized unwanted fat, you are cocooned in a wrap allowing the thermal effect to release the active ingredients that remineralize, tone, and purify your body. We finish this session with a body tightening concentrate, this cooling fluid re-inflates and helps support skin's structure resulting in the appearance of a smooth, tight surface with a noticeably slimmer and toned physique * Treatment will have a heating and cooling affect with pinkening skin for several hours post service.

Tranquil Tides    $180   1 Hour 

This detoxifying body wrap begins with dry brushing, which increases circulation to the service of your skin and prepares it for absorption of the purifying and nourishing minerals, triple-distilled aloe and essential oils of lavender rosemary and clary sage. While reaping the benefits from the warm cocoon of this body wrap, delight yourself in a luxurious scalp and foot massage. We conclude this experience with warm organic goats milk & shea butter infused with wild lavender, chamomile and bergamot. Step out of this service renewed from the inside out.

Cold-Brew Mocha Sugar Glow  $180   1 Hour

This exfoliation comes from our blend of our organic coffee sugar scrub, which will awaken your skin and smooth away dead cells which dull the skin’s surface as it soothes and nourishes with natural vitamins, ground coffee beans, and potent antioxidants helps to combat the occurrence of varicose veins typically by increasing blood flow, and the caffeine in the scrubs may even reduce the appearance of cellulite. Utilising the richness of the Cocoa bean, our chocolate bliss butter will then be massaged all over your body for a very hydrating, nourishin gand decadent experience.

Harvest Moon  $85  30 Min

Feel the warmth of basalt stones soothe and loosen knots and tension in the upper body. Submerge in hot lavish oil that nourishes the scalp. Includes vanilla chai body butter that hydrates skin beyond belief.

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