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Booking online Q & A

Here are answers to the most common questions about booking online

Why do I need to provide the name and email address of my guest joining me at the spa if I am paying for both?

At the bottom of your email confirmation, you will receive a short questionnaire about the services you booked. This is so we may gather your preferences and tailor each service specifically to fit each clients needs. We will need to send the email to each clients email address and store them under each clients name.Trust us, it is worth the extra minute to add these special touches for you!

Why do I need to give my credit card?

We do require a credit card to reserve your appointment and service provider. We will not charge your chard until after services are rendered. Your information is stored through a secured portal for your protection. Even our staff can not view this!We only have a 24 hour cancelation policy, so if you need to cancel before then, you will not be charged.

How will I know my appointment has been booked correctly?

Once the booking is complete, you will receive an email confirmation with your spa itinerary including the date, time, services you booked.  

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