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Skin Treatments

The Express (Power Peel) 25mins     $55

These powerful, yet gentle, treatments are for all skin types and minimises surface lines, smooth out rough skin texture,clear acne and fade hyper pigmentation. Three different types/levels of peels that will be customized to achieve the results you desire.

The Express BT (ultrasonic wave) 25mins     $55

This potent device harnesses the power of ultrasonic oscillation to clean below the skin's surface. With powerful exfoliation and intense product penetration, this treatment will leave your skin clear, toned and lifted.

 Radiance  50mins     $95

In this customizable treatment, your aesthetician will focus on all areas of concern leaving your skin refined and glowing.

Specialty Facials

Rebalance  80mins     $165 

We pull out every trick to banish breakouts, relax fine lines and lighten lingering spots. Treatment includes a deep brush cleanse, salicylic peel, extensive extractions, and a skin soothing corrective mask . Facial is finished off with a hydrating microbial serum to purify every problematic pore.

Nuface Facelift  80mins    $165

This treatment begins with a deep cleansing to lift away dirt and impurities and a gentle peel to remove any dead debri on the skin's surface. Using micro-current technology, skin will be lifted to new heights while stimulating muscle memory and toning lax muscles. The treatment ends with a tightening corrective mask that leaves the skin radiant and glowing! Over the course of several treatments, lines will become less visible and muscles lifted revealing an overall rejuvenated complexion.

Tria Age-defying Laser  25mins     $145

This Age-Defying Laser + Antioxidant treatment includes the use of a FDA cleared fractional Laser. This collagen inducing treatment, creates microscopic channels under the skin which fill in  with new collagen and elastin to plump of volume and smooth out fine lines. For optimal benefits it is recommended to do a series of 4-6 treatments, spaced 1-2 weeks apart. 100% of clients saw results!

Men's Restorative Facial 50mins     $95

This facial is customized to meet the special needs of a man's skin. This includes a deep cleanse and exfoliation as well as specialized attention to the sensitive areas that are often the results from shaving and sun exposure.

The Ultimate   110mins      $260 

This treatment utilizes microcurrent technology, ultrasonic dermabrasion and the age-defying laser to instantly lift, tone, and contour the face while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Treatment also includes a collagen tightening mask, and LED Light Therapy to soothe, treat and plump your skin and neck. Often referred to as "The Works", this facial treatment is the ultimate in anti-aging, hydration, and visible results. Perfect before an event to look red-carpet ready.


Add on any of these enhancements to your facial to maximize the results.

Gel Peel  $25

Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, yet powerful enough for instant results. This powerful 30% AHA/BHA gel peel is used in treatments to help address acne, fine lines and brown spots. Skin will feel noticeably softer and reveal a youthful glow

NuFace Microcurrent   $25

Microcurrent is a pain-free, low electrical wave that stimulates the nerves inside muscles and is used by professionals to stimulate muscle memory to instantly lift, tone and sculpt your neck and face. It is often referred to as pilates for the face!

Bright  Eyes   $25

Tired-looking eyes are revived with a plumping mask of botanical hyaluronic and peptides. Then, muscle stimulating microcurrent lifts the brows and opens the eyes. This is finished with a caffeine and peptide rich serum, which penetrates the delicate eye area through ultra sonic waves to relieve dark circles, puffy bags and crepey skin. Restore your youthful gaze!

Plump your Pout   $25

Gentle exfoliation and a lip plumping mask leaves you with a perfect pout


Collagen Hydration Masque   $25 
Perfect to boost hydration levels and deeply soothe your skin after any of our more aggressive treatments